Twitter Scavenger Hunt:


In class we have participated in a very fun, yet new activity. Or at least it is new to me. At first, we logged in into our Twitter accounts. Secondly, we published a random photo of ours that does not really explain itself. In other words, we posted a tweet with a picture attached, and the picture does not really reveal the object in it. Either because it is blurry, or too zoomed in. Then, we added the hashtag #equityunbound so other people can join us in such activity. Lastly, we would try to guess what is really in the picture of other peoples’ tweets and they as well guess ours.

For example, my tweet was basically a close-up picture of my shirt. People replied guessing it is a plastic bag, a bird, and a mat. They are quite close to it being a piece of textile, but no one actually guessed it right as naming it a shirt.

I like the activity very much, it let me connect with other people, that I do not know, in a very fun way while we only have a hashtag in common.

Try it some time!


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