Defining Digital Literacies:


So, here I come one more time in regard to the digital literacies. This time I will state three major points, the major difference between digital skills and literacies, what I didn’t realize, and what digital literacies mean to me.

To begin with, there is a quite confusion around the difference between the two terminologies: digital skills and digital literacies. To summarize it in an organized manner, here it is:

Digital Skills

Digital Literacy

Sending a text, direct message, or an email.

The judgement of the appropriate digital channels for online communication with other people.

Using Microsoft Office.

The acknowledgment of articulating the benefits as well as the drawbacks of such tool. While evaluating the effectiveness of it for the project in hand.

Tweeting, posting to Facebook, uploading a video to YouTube, adding to a Snapchat story and posting a photo to Instagram.

Navigating social media safely.

Protect their reputation by determining what private content is safe/appropriate to share.

Spot any biasses, hate comments, or propaganda.

Become aware of harassment and cyberstalking.

Conducting a Google search.

Picking the right search terms.

Evaluating results based on cues such as web addresses.

Tracking information to a reasonable source.

Assessing tone, style, audience, bias and purpose to determine the credibility of information.

Moving forward, what I mostly did not realize in the past period of time is:

Me not becoming aware of cyberstalking. Like I did not know it exists that intensively. I thought people only stalk each others by checking their photos or their facebook timelines that’s all. But, it turned out to be something huge.

Last but not least, digital now personally means to me is the ability to becoming very much aware of every key we press in this technologies. In other words, everything we do in our daily basis affects our lives in a huge sense. In order to become fully aware of the tools we use, the posts we share, the terms we search for, and channels we communicate through, we must be very digitally literate.

Good luck being that!

Thank you.


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